Start Your Blog in Four Easy Steps 2018

Beginning your blog can be an intimidating process, especially if you don’t know where to start. I began my blogging journey using WordPress. For me, I found WordPress user friendly, easy to use and set up and I want to show you how I did it.

In 15 minutes I had my blog up and running and you can too!

So what is WordPress? is a blogging platform that offers free blog hosting to registered users. It is designed to cater to bloggers who may not be well versed in coding or HTML. This means that they give you one of their websites, with a free domain name for your blog and deal with all the difficult technical components behind the scenes.

1. Lets get started!

Once you have searched, click on the Get Started. This will take you through 4 different steps on why your blogging and what it is about.
Note: If you don’t know what your blog will be about just yet, spend time to brainstorm ideas for a niche and name. Check out my Blogging 101 Tips.

wordpress 1Identify your niche and what you plan to call your blog.

wordpress 2Type in the name you want to have as your web address and choose the free option at the top. As you can see, there are several numbers on the given example. But finding a name that hasn’t been used before will give you a short web address.
Note: Choosing a plan can also give you a succinct, easy to remember site address.

wordpress 3These are the given plans. Choose the first free option (or the one that is right for you).

wordpress 4Enter your email address and password and you are good to go!
Just confirm your email address and your all set to blog!

Welcome to the blogging universe!

Worpress 5.PNG

Your website will look a little something like this. There are many options you get to play around with, from the themes (there are a few free options to choose from), to pages and categories you show on your website.

2. Choose Your Theme

wordpress 8
Clicking on themes will bring you here. On the right-hand side of the screen choose the free icon to show all the free themes together.

wordpress 9Choose your favourite free theme and click Activate this design FREE.

wordpress 10
Click on Customize site and you have your theme!
It’s as easy as that!

3. Your Sites Pages

wordpress 7
Click onto the Site Pages to edit your content. There will be pre-designed pages from the theme, just delete any unnecessary ones. Afterwards, I would recommend clicking on About. worpress 6
You will be taken to this little page. Take the time to add the necessary content about your blog. This is your opportunity for your readers to get to know you and your niche. Tell them why you are blogging, what you are offering them for reading and, of course, who you are. Allow your readers to build a relationship with you. Check out mine here

4. Add photo’s to your pages or posts

Adding Photo’s is really simple. Click on Add and choose the image you want to upload onto WordPress.

wordpress 11
This page will pop up. Click Add New and choose the image from your files that you want to upload.
wordpress 12
Your image will be presented like this. Make sure it is highlighted (like so) and click on insert. wordpress 13
Your image will pop up like this. If you don’t have any images to upload check out my post on where to get FREE high quality images here (because lets face it, not all of us are expert photographers).

This is Part 1 to setting up your FREE WordPress Blog. Stay tuned for Part 2!
I hope this was comprehensive and helpful for you!
Have a great day,

Jess xxx

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