Blogging on a Budget: Why I Choose Canva

From subscriptions, to hosting, to designing your blog … things can get pretty pricey pretty fast. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to cost a bomb to create beautifully crafted blogs.

My secret weapon is Canva. This miracle of a website offers free signup (as well as paid subscriptions) and allows you to create blog banners, stylised documents, logos and so much more. I am literally in love ❤

Sign up here

(Not an affiliate, I just love Canva.)

Check it out:


Canva offers a variety of templates designed to cater for the various social media platforms (as shown above). You can also create custom sizes to suit your needs.

I decided to choose the Pinterest Graphic.

canva 1.PNG

What is great about Canva, is that you can choose a template and change the images (there are a bunch of free images to choose from as well as paid images for $1 US), title, font and can add new text, backgrounds, frames or vectors. You can also easily upload images. Canva is a brilliant little invention that is both resourceful and versatile… Did I mention I love it?

The only drawback that I have is the list of fonts available. I love the options that are on them, but unlike with Word or Photoshop, you can’t add new fonts. There is a way around that if you want to add a specific font to your Canva masterpiece. Stay tuned, I might just have a solution in my next post!

Check out my most recent graphic that I have made for previous posts:

Start Your Blog in 4 Easy Steps 2018

How to start(1)

If you don’t have Photoshop or you are just looking for an alternative option to create stunning graphics, I would recommend Canva 100%.

Jess xxx

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