The Canva Hack You Need to Know

““If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis.”
Neil Patel

In my previous post, I made reference to Canva, your literal bible when blogging on a budget. However, one huge drawback that I had mentioned was the limited amount of fonts. Because Canva is online, you are unable to add to the fonts already available. Additionally, the sizing is restricted to specific numbers… Argh. 

But before you go rushing off to spend hundreds of dollars on Adobe Photoshop I have an answer.

Today, we are going to use both Canva AND Word to develop your ideal graphic. It’s super easy and will save you over $100 on Photoshop software.

Firstly, log onto Canva and create the graphic you want but without the font headings.
If you are new to Canva follow the link here.
So far I have simply chosen my photo and placed a filter over the top. Download as a PNG and open it in Word (change your orientation to landscape to fit the photo).

Fit your image to the edge of the page (as I have done). Then go ahead and add your ideal font.

Turquoise; my favourite colour 🙂

Here comes the tricky (but not so tricky) on Select and choose Select All. You can also simply press Ctrl A, that will select all the images.

Afterwards, press Ctrl C to copy all of the images.

The next step is to open another Word DOC and change the orientation to landscape.
Now click on Paste and then choose Paste Special.

Click on Picture (Enhanced Metafile).

Now your font is apart of the Canva graphic!


Right click on the image and click Save as Picture. And you are done!

Did you find this tutorial useful? Let me know in the comments below ❤

Jess xxx

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