How to Find Time to Blog

“Failure isn’t final until you quit.”
Michael Hyatt

The are many bloggers that are super lucky to make a generous income from their online work. However, unfortunately it is just a dream to the rest of us. Our blogging fits in around work, children, sport and fitness, adult chores and supermarket trips. This leaves us with barely the opportunity to post more than once a week.

Our love for blogging is shoved aside and forgotten as we follow through with commitments and daily chores. Personally, there is nothing more frustrating.

I too have been struggling to find time. But I am determined to be consistent and deliver to you valuable content every few days. I have university commitments, work and family commitments that eat up my week. Time is literally of the essence.

The key is determination and diligence.

I find every opportunity (small or big) to work on my blog and what I will write about. Here’s a couple of ways that keeps me on top of my blog writing:

1 Wake Up Early-er.

If you are flat chat from sunrise to sunset, I recommend waking up an hour before your usual wake-up. This will allow you to get your daily dose of blog writing before you even start your day! For someone who is not a morning person (like me) this can be a challenge..

2 Cut out Social Media

10 minutes of Facebook scrolling 4 times a day equates to 40 minutes of time you could have spent on your blog. Cut down your personal use of social media and spend it on your blog. As a self confessed insta-addict I am still working on this one!

3 Say No to Television

This includes Netflix. Just Stop. This will easily save you 40 minutes – 3 hours if you are lucky. I gave up watching Riverdale a month ago and have given myself so much more time. I love it!

4 Plan a Day and Time

Scheduling yourself time to work on your posts during the week will enable you to have allocated time to work on your blog. This could be while you are on lunch break, while you are eating breakfast, after dinner or after the kids go to bed. Personally, I get one day off each week. This is my opportunity to smash out my newest post.

6 Write in Segments

You may only have 15 minutes before you have start work or 30 minutes before you need to sleep. Pull out your notebook and use this time to work on a section of your next upcoming blog post. Use this time to brainstorm new headline ideas or briefly jot down how you will structure your next post.

Every minute counts to the success of your blog.

5 Keep a Note Book on You

Take a small note book in your bag from place to place. If you spontaneous think of an amazing headline or content that you can talk about, you can write it down. I love this option. Sometimes the best ideas come unexpectedly.

Good luck with your blogging endeavours. If you are determined and persistent, your blog will flourish ❤

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Lots of love,

Jess xxx

One thought on “How to Find Time to Blog

  1. dearalekkz39

    I love the notebook idea! I wish we can go back to the good old days where we kept everything in planners and notebooks. I hate using my phone’s notepad but it’s become so convenient! Sometimes, I don’t like to carry my purse [which literally has everything in it] and I slip my wallet and phone out and out the door I go! Later, I think, “aw man… wish I had my notebook with me”.

    Liked by 1 person

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