I began my blogging journey in January, 2017. To be honest, I didn’t know a single thing about the blogging world. I didn’t have a specific niche, I kind of just wrote about whatever came to my mind. I made so many mistakes and soon felt drained and disinterested when it came to writing my posts. My passion to write became a chore; I lacked a sense of direction and satisfaction in my writing.

have the.PNGDelving into this blogging journey has been a huge learning experience and I don’t want you to make these same mistakes that I did. That’s why I have created Naturally Jess. I am passionate about helping you to develop your own blog with ease. I want you to take that plunge and finally begin your blog, I want you to find your niche and write with passion.

My passion is about helping you create your best blog. Every week I will deliver content-rich posts that will keep you informed and up to date with the latest blogging tips and tricks. Sign up to my weekly online newsletter and be the first to get access to the content.

You are one step away from your passion! Happy writing!

Jess xxx